Lutheran Scholarships for Christians are Unknown Scholarships

There are quite a few Lutheran scholarships for Christians available to Lutheran church members, but many are obscure and tend to be unknown scholarships. Many of these scholarships for Christian students are specific and require that the applicants live in certain geographical areas but there are also quite a few scholarships for Lutherans that are not location specific. Large Lutheran churches frequently maintain their own Christian scholarships to award to individual qualifying members so if you attend a large Lutheran church, you may want to check with them to see if they may have Lutheran scholarships available for you.

Lutheran churches are committed to helping their youth go to college and they regularly provide both local and national Lutheran scholarships and grants. Lutheran churches have long been known for focusing on community service and helping those in need. In regards to their own members, they believe that if they help them when they need it the most, the members will return the favor once they become financially able to do so and donate to the Lutheran cause. This creates an on-going, helpful cycle of funding that will always be there to provide help for those who need it for higher education.
Lutheran Community Foundation Scholarships
*The Lutheran Community Foundation, started in 1995, receives gifts from donors and uses them for programs that reflect the individual donor’s charitable interests. Scholarship amounts vary. Some of the Lutheran college scholarships they offer are:

*Norman Krueger American Legion Memorial Scholarship
*The Silverdale Lutheran Church Scholarship
*The Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of North Minneapolis Scholarship
*The Tulare County Lutheran Scholarship Program for Graduate and Professional Education
*The Tulare County Lutheran Scholarship Program for Undergraduates
*The Saint Paul Lutheran Scholarship

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Offer 3 categories of scholarships (scholarship amounts vary):
*Scholarships for Lutheran Laywomen
*Scholarships for Administrative Leadership
*Scholarships for Ordained Ministry
*Scholarships for ELCA College and Seminary Leadership

Ministerial Grants
*For students who plan to attend Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania
*Applicants must have at least one parent who ministers at a Lutheran church
*Grant amounts vary

Lutheran Leadership Scholarship
*Valparaiso University offers 1 of these scholarships annually
*Applicant must be about to pursue an undergraduate degree that will lead to a lay profession and leader for the Lutheran church
*Scholarship amounts vary

The Henry J. & Pauline M. Armstrong Scholarship
*This scholarship is for graduates of Waverly High School in Nebraska who plan to study full-time at a Lutheran seminary
*Scholarship amounts vary and are renewable
*Scholarships awarded will be based on grades, leadership ability, and financial need

Bethany Scholarships
For 5 students who plan to attend Bethane College in Kansas
*Lutherans Leaders Scholarships
*Applicants must be leaders in their communities and members in good standing at their Lutheran churches
*Scholarship amounts vary but are available up to $2500
*Merit scholarships for academic achievement
*Performance awards in music, art, theatre, and athletics

Bethesda Lutheran Scholarship for Disabilities Studies
If you are Lutheran, have an interest in serving those who have disabilities, and you are about to enter college, there are several Lutheran scholarships that are offered by the Bethesda Lutheran Communities that you need to know about. Each Lutheran scholarship that is available has different award amounts, and different eligibility requirements.

Private Scholarship Sources
Lutheran College Scholarships for Christians can be done from this private free scholarship search service. It’s has a very good reputation for producing scholarship results. Our recommendation is to go to Here you can do a free scholarship search for Lutheran scholarships for Christian Students. It’s quick & easy too.

Check with your Lutheran church or the financial aid office of the school you plan on attending to find out more about: ‘Lutheran College Scholarships’ and ‘Christian College Scholarships’ for Christian students. They tend to be unknown scholarships for Lutheran students which many are not familiar with.

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    i have this great honor at this time to express my since comment i am by names bosco enzama i am any Anglican from Uganda i am really seeking for scholarship to study at the university i have no any other support any where my main interest is to become reverent i would like to preach the gospel of the Christ please if you have such opportunity may you help me to reach my dream thanks god be with you .

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