Unknown Catholic Scholarships for Christians

Some unknown Catholic scholarships for Christians are listed at the end of the article below, but one Catholic organization that offers quite a variety of scholarships for Catholics and financial aid packages is The Catholic Aid Association. They offer scholarships for Christians for students wanting to earn certificates or trades at vocational schools and for people desiring a college degree. There are also numerous unknown scholarships for Catholics to help students interested in theology or pastoral programs, as well.

Because there are so many Catholics in the world, competition for Catholic scholarships can be somewhat rigid. Most of the scholarships for Catholic students require that you be a member of a Catholic church, be active in your own community, and maintain a high grade point average.

The Catholic Church believes in its people, values education, and has no hesitation about helping their members with educational goals and pursuits. The Catholic people believe that if they help their members out when they need help, those same members will help other members out somewhere down the road once they become able to do so. This creates a very beneficial cycle of “giving back to the community.”

Catholicism is the most orthodox form of the Christian faith and constitutes the teachings of the world’s largest church. Although the head of the Catholic church, the Pope, resides at the Vatican in Rome, there are millions of Catholics residing right here in the United States, as well as in several other countries.

Following is a listing of some of the available Catholic scholarships for college. You should contact the financial aid office of your intended school for more information because every Christian college or university will have differences in each Christian Catholic college scholarship they offer, or have variations or substitutes for a particular Catholic scholarship.

Unknown Catholic Scholarships for Christians

Jesuit Endowment Fund
*For Catholic undergraduate students interesting in attending Saint Louis University
*Christian Catholic Scholarship award amounts vary

Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship
*For Catholic undergraduate students in Arizona, California, Nevada, or Illinois
*Catholic Scholarship amounts vary from $1000-$2000

Archdiocesan Scholarship
*For Catholic high school seniors entering their freshman year (seniors must be in top 10% or graduating class, have an ACT score of 31 or SAT score of 1400, and have a GPA of at least 3.8)
*Qualifying applicants will receive full college tuition

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Seminarian College Scholarship (FCSLA)
*For Catholic undergraduate students majoring in Theology
*The Christian Scholarship amounts vary from $1250-$1750

Fourth Degree Pro Deo and Pro Patria Scholarships
*For Catholic students entering a freshman program at an accredited institution and officially working towards a bachelor’s degree (student should be an active member, the child of an active member, or the child of a deceased member of the Knights of Columbus fraternal organization or the Columbian Squires fraternal organization).
*12 catholic college scholarships are offered for students going to The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.
*50 catholic scholarships are offered for students going to other catholic universities and colleges.

The Catholic University of America
They offer various types of financial assistance to qualifying students. These Catholic college scholarships are designed to help as many as possible attend college.
Academic scholarships
Need based grants
Alumni Grant
Parish Scholarship
Family Grant

Guaranteed Scholarships for College
The truely fast and easy scholarships are the guaranteed scholarships, which are awarded by the college or university, or by certain organizations.

Easy Scholarships to Apply For and Get
One of the first things you should do when you begin your college education is to find out which are the easy scholarships to get and apply for them.

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  3. Bernadette Ateme says:

    Will i be granted a scholaship for the masters Degree in the catholic university?

  4. admin says:


    you must apply to one to find out.


    I present to you my sacred salutattions In Christ.
    I’m Fr Altidor Prosnel a young haitian priest.I have contacted the Knights of Columbus but I have never hear from them.I so sorry.
    I’d like that you answer this time.That may be I’ll go to Italy for studying the UTROQUE IURE.How can you help me?
    I’m waiting for your answer.
    May God bless you!

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    read about The Davis Scholarship which is an international program. Also read about Belgium Scholarships for International Students. Go to VLIR Scholarship Programs too.

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    I wish that that you pick up the saying of Fr Altidor..Thank you a lot.

  8. John Smithey says:

    It’s so nice to see online efforts being made for Catholics so they can go to college. To be honest, as a Catholic, I didn’t even think of researching or exploring this as an option to possibly recieve money to further my education. Glad to see something is available!

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    Thank you!

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