Bible Scholarship for Christian Studies

Bible Scholarship

Bible Scholarship

A Bible scholarship for Christian studies is for those who are specifically studying religion in Bible schools, colleges, and universities, as opposed to having a general scholarship for Arts & Sciences, Sports, or Financial concerns. Luckily, there are courses on Bible studies both in colleges and on the internet, which help broaden a student’s opportunities.

*The difference between a student loan and a scholarship is that with scholarships, you will never have to repay their financial support. However, their requirements are far more stringent, and you need to keep your grades and general performance above average, usually meeting a university’s given standards. Scholarships are granted based on an outstanding academic performance, or special skill and talents in a particular field.

Bible study, whether online or in real institutions, tends to be far more costly than community colleges, and schools funded by institutions or the government. It’s best to look for as many Bible college scholarships and random scholarships for your education to avoid cost-cutting on personal and social expenses.

Bible Scholarship Pros and Cons
Getting a Bible college scholarship for Christian studies in an online bible college or course has its advantages over getting one at a university. First, if the time it takes to apply for one is vastly reduced to a few hours of your time online, and you rarely have to travel anywhere outside your home (or local Internet café) to keep track of what the online Bible college community has decided on your behalf. The virtual communities are just as vibrant and well-adjusted in comparison to real life, and you can easily receive lessons via webcam, e-mail, live chatting, or even in social network websites (should the online Bible school allow it).

The clear disadvantage of preferring an online Bible scholarship for Christian students is the lack of a living community to interact with on a real life, social level. Unless you and your online classmates live within short-travel distance, there are very few chances that you can meet with them to properly socialize and know face-to-face. There is also the danger of mistakenly applying for scams that have no bearing on education or even financial support.

These online scholarship scams may either seek to steal your personal identity and information, or your financial status. When sites immediately ask for a donation before letting you continue your application (or if they ask any money from you at all), then you might be setting yourself up for a major scam.

Offline Bible scholarships for Christian studies, those in universities all over the country, have their own ups and downs with their granting of scholarships. As mentioned above, Bible school is one of the most expensive of educations, and even with a partial Bible college scholarship, there may be expenses that the student must pay for with their own funds. Also, Bible schools offline require more social works that those online. With missionary work and local Bible studies in communities from within and around your state, you may be spending more time socializing with your classmates that those who are taking online Bible college scholarships.

The Future of Bible Scholars
There are several options for those who graduate Bible school through Christian scholarships, many of which are full of socially relevant services. Aside from working in the clergy (such as pastors, priests, Biblical scholars and researchers, missionaries, etc.), you may choose to work as a youth counselor, a teacher, even a doctor. There are opportunities everywhere for Bible school scholars, not just in the church.

There are also non-religious companies and institutions (like call-centers, theaters, media companies, among others) are hiring chaplains for spiritual-based counseling, focusing on inmates, mental health patients, substance abuse recovery patients. They can even become probationary officers, private tutors, therapists, and social workers.

Bible scholarship for Christian studies are available for those who know that they want to pursue this line of study and the qualifying criteria may be a lot easier then you realize. This is a field that many students do not want to take on and only for those very few who do.

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18 Responses to Bible Scholarship for Christian Studies

  1. asferachew says:

    I went to serve GOD

  2. admin says:

    Good luck and you can’t go wrong with this decision!

  3. kombani Petros says:


  4. theja says:

    looking for some help, can some sponser me for my master in divinity bible course studies

  5. luke gitonga kinyua says:

    Im young pastor currently ministering among other pastors in a church in thika in Kenya. i joined a theological college last year ,im still struggling with college fee .please i could apreaciate any help on your side.
    Im doing a degree course for 4 years at INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL OUTREACH in Kenya at Thika town,my church is young and not able to support me in any way
    please if there is any i could get any assistance i will very much appreaciate.
    May the Lord richly bless you .

  6. admin says:


    our website should give you some options – please look into international scholarships.The Davis Scholarships are International too. Federal work study programs good be a good fit for you. Also read Federal Government Scholarships Grants.

  7. admin says:


    go to MSc Scholarships.

    Some scholarships for master students are below to apply to:

    lpah Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation
    American Institute of Physics
    Committee on Institutional Cooperation
    Council of Graduate Schools
    Guggenheim Foundation
    Institute for Humane Studies
    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
    Morris K. Udall Fellowship Program
    The National Academy
    National Science Foundation
    Quentin N. Burdick Program
    Roller Penhellenic Scholarship
    Scholarly Societies Project
    Social Science Research Council
    Woodrow Wilson Center
    Zonta International

  8. Kareen Dale Doble says:

    Hello Firends!

    How I wish that i could avail the scholarship offer to the students who are interested to study like me. I am happy reading your program especially the classes here is closely approaching. My problem is that my parents could not support me in my studies in the College. I graduated in my secondary school last March 2011, so I keep on praying to Lord that somebody could help my vison fulfilled and to have a better future someday.

    This is just a simple request hopefully you will consider my name as one of the beneficiaries of the scholoarship program for the deserving student.

    I am looking forward somebody through your support I will be one of God’s faithful instruments for hastening His second coming.


    Kareen Dale Doble

  9. admin says:


    have you looked into government bursaries? Have you sat down with the financial aids manager at the college your interested in attending to see what programs you may fit into? They are updated weekly on all the new offerings for students such as yourself.

  10. krissista atma trirahmani says:

    hey .. My name krissista atma .. I used to call in sista ..
    I come from Indonesia ..
    I am currently enrolled at one campus that is in my city .. I majored in accounting .. and I will finish my college next year ..
    I hope I can continue my study anymore in the fields of theology, biblical or ministry ..
    why I decided to take a different majors from college that I’ve traveled since I have a longing to serve God optimally and over again in my life .. and I also want to be able to spread the truth about the word of God to the world .. I want everyone, especially young people in the world may know Jesus and dare to be a generation in the life of Jesus and make them a generation that dared to be different with this world ..
    I grew up in a Christian family .. but i really know the Lord Jesus when I was 19 years of age, it all started when I had a personal encounter with Jesus .. that’s where my life started on change my life and I get a new life with the Lord Jesus .. and from that moment on I began to discover my vocation to be more in serving the Lord Jesus.
    here I hope to get a scholarship or seponsor for me to continue my school
    i’m sorry if my english not good..thanks .. God bless ..

  11. admin says:


    thanks for sharing how you came to meet the eternal spirit which calls us at his time. Apply to as many Christian scholarships we cover on our site by going directly to the sponsor’s website. Go to Unknown College Scholarship Ideas from Church to read more.

  12. Pastor Emmanuel Nyamekye Essandoh says:

    God richly bless you for the good work you are doing to help spread the Gospel.Please. i have gain admission to Prairie Bible Institute and i have to raise 15 thousand Canadian Dollars to pay my first year fees can you help me in any way

  13. kays says:

    how can I get a scholarship? its my passion to do theology and minister to people

  14. admin says:


    I would apply to any scholarship you feel you can win – where the scholarship criteria is a good match for you! We write about many on our website. Apply directly to the scholarship sponsor’s website once you feel you have a good match for you. You must apply to scholarships to see if you have a chance to win.


    I have served as a full time VOLUNTEER EVANGELIST for the past 4 years in Pretoria South Africa.

    I have then decided to study Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and I have secured a place to study at Solusi University in Zimbabwe

    I have passed all the required interviews and I am supposed to start on 6 May 2015. My challenge is I do not have fees and seeking for help.

    May I be assisted.

  16. admin says:

    You should apply to any scholarship you feel you have the qualifications for, but I would first email all scholarship sponsor via their contact webpage to see if there would be any disqualifications based on the geographic location of which you live.You must apply to awards first to see if you have a chance at winning one. Have you looked into educational bursaries scholarships.

  17. Behailu Yigzaw says:

    I like to learn bible in your University. But I have not able to pay or cover it. If there is any organization sponsor me I am willing to learn Theology. Thank you. Blessed.

  18. admin says:


    unfortunately we do not sponsor. You must apply to as many student awrd programs where you feel your qualifications match up. Have you looked into educational bursary programs?

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