UCC Christian Scholarships for College

The UCC UNDERGRADUATE CHRISTIAN SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE, sponsored by the United Church of Christ (UCC), is financial assistance provided to the members of UCC Congregations for attending any program in any accredited 4-year college or university. The Christian college scholarships program is sponsored by the UCC Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund. These scholarships for Christians are administered by the Worship & Education Ministry Team of Local Church Ministries.

The UCC was formed on June 25, 1947 as the union of several different Christian Traditions. The UCC Undergraduate College Christian Scholarship Endowment fund was setup in 1994 through one liberal gift from the Society of the South Congregational Church of Brooklyn, NY. The awards sponsored through the fund are in the range of $500 to $1,000 annually. The endowment provides Christian scholarship & financial assistance to the students with age under 25 years & who are sophomore, junior or senior undergraduate students.

The general application process for the UCC scholarships for Christians is as follows.
• Submission of completed application form
• Proof of enrollment at college/university for the academic year
• Proof of UCC membership
• Academic grades
• Expense details
• Copy of FAFSA form
• Letter of Recommendations
• Personal statement

The UCC Christian scholarship application form can be downloaded from the website and needs to be submitted before the deadline – May 18 – to the below address.
UCC Undergraduate Scholarship
Parish Life and Leadership Team
Local Church Ministries, UCC
700 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115-1100

There are some generic eligibility requirements for the UCC Christian college scholarships as below.
• Applicant must be member of the UCC congregation
• Age under 25 years
• Enrolled at any accredited college/university for any 4-year course
• Should be entering sophomore, junior or senior year of study
• Excellent academics

The UCC scholarships for Christians are awarded in June each year and are directly paid to the college/university. The students need to apply each year for the UCC scholarship as they are not automatically renewed.

Apart from these there are various other Christian scholarships sponsored under the UCC banner as below:

• UCC Scholarships for Seminarians – There are multiple programs available under this.
• Hector E. Lopez Scholarship Fund
• The William R.Johnson Scholarship
• The Richard and Helen Brown Pastoral Scholarships

For any inquires you can contact the office at jeffersv@ucc.org or call the toll free number 866-822-8224 ext 3839.

“That they may all be one” is the motto of the UCC. As God is available for all so is “education”. To spread equality amongst all it is very necessary to get people educated. Personal & Community growth & future success depends on education and hence everyone should have access to education. UCC has made a very high impact on the lives of many & it continues to do so by the means of various activities including the UCC Christian college scholarships.

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