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Newcomb Presbyterian college scholarships

Newcombe Scholarships

If you will be attending one of the below Presbyterian colleges or a participating Presbyterian college consider the Newcombe Scholarships from the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation. This foundation has been handing out Presbyterian scholarships since 1981 for students who attend designated Presbyterian colleges or those who are eligible to sign up. The ones listed below presently receive funding from the Newcombe Foundation but there may be other Presbyterian colleges who are also being funded by the Foundation and this may change from year to year. Colleges that are related to the Presbyterian (USA) Church catering to the economically disadvantaged all are eligible to work with the Newcombe Foundation. The awards are not given to individuals but to the participating colleges who then disburse the monies to the students.

Charlotte W. Newcombe’s wealth was accumulated from stock purchased by her father of Smith Kline, a Philadelphia drug company in 1890 which grew to 34 million. Before her father died she asked Charlotte not to sell the stock because he knew it was the future of medicine. She did as her father requested and she became wealthy. Charlotte was born with impaired vision so it was difficult for her to read for extended periods of time making it impossible for her to attain a higher education. She placed a high importance on education though and was deeply devoted to her Presbyterian faith. This is why she established in her will that her wealth be used for this purpose and a good one at that. In fact the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) honored the Princeton-based Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation as the “Outstanding Foundation of the Year.” Over $50 million has been awarded for educational grants and Christian scholarships since its inception.

The Newcombe Foundations funds certain colleges based on a criteria in being of educational service to the disadvantaged and those schools with low funding for financial aid. They also must be of the Presbyterian faith.

Participating Colleges of the Newcombe Presbyterian Scholarships Davis & Elkins College
Dubuque University
Theological Seminary
Hazard County
Community College
Jamestown College
Johnson C. Smith
Theological Seminary
Maryville College
College of the Ozarks
Pikeville College
Rocky Mountain College
St. Andrew’s College
Tusculum College
Warren Wilson College
Waynesburg College

Besides the Newcomb Presbyterian Scholarships the Newcombe Foundation also funds the following Newcomb scholarships grants.

Newcombe Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
Newcombe Scholarships for Mature Women Students
Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships
Special Scholarship Endowments


The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
35 Park Place
Princeton, NJ 08542-6918
(609) 924-7022

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