Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships

Although Dr Norman Vincent Peale passed away at the age of 95 on Christmas Eve, 1993, his legacy lives on, partially in the form of highly valued and distinguished Christian scholarships. The positive thinking Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships were created, in Peale’s honor, by Homer and Margaret Surbeck. Six or more of these prestigious Christian school scholarships are available each year at Northwestern College and are valued at more than half of what tuition costs per year (around $14,000). Other selected universities and colleges offer limited numbers of the positive thinking Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships as well.

Dr Norman Vincent Peale was reared in Ohio, brought up in the Methodist faith, and later attended Ohio Wesleyan University. He later attended Boston University’s School of Theology. Although Dr Norman Vincent Peale was brought up in a Methodist household, his parents encouraged him to expose himself to liberalism, which probably accounts for his diverse collection of interests, such as psychology, liberalism, modernism, and universalism. He was first ordained as a Methodist Minister in 1922, but later changed over to Dutch Reform (in 1932) and became one of New York City’s most notorious and well-loved preachers.

Dr Norman Vincent Peale is best remembered as a legendary Protestant Preacher of the twentieth century. He authored The Power of Positive Thinking in 1952, founded Guidepost magazine in 1945, hosted The Art of Living radio program for 54 years, and pastored the Marble Collegiate Church for 52 years. His life story, One Man’s Way, was broadcast in 1964. Peale had a passion for mixing religion with psychology, which often earned him criticism. Peale was an inspiration to all people with his highly motivational, self-esteem building, and theoretical methodologies.

Dr Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships are available to select incoming freshmen students who, in addition to demonstrating high academic promise, also display leadership skills in the areas of church, community, and school. As long as the students maintain cumulative GPAs of 3.0 or higher, they are given the chance to renew the Christian college scholarships every year.

Eligibility requirements for the coveted Dr Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships include the following: rank in the top 10% of their high school graduation class or possess a GPA of 3.5 or higher, obtain an ACT score of at least 26 (or comparable SAT score), display a strong Christian faith, possess demonstrated leadership ability, and desire to enroll full-time at the college offering the Christian scholarship. Once the eligibility requirements have been met, students must then be accepted as a full-time student at the college. In order to apply for the Christian school scholarships, once these conditions have all been met, students will then receive an invitation from the college to take part in one of the college’s Scholarship Day competitions, scheduled four times towards the beginning of each new school year.

Students interested in applying for the positive thinking Norman Vincent Peale Scholarship should check to ensure that they meet all the requirements, complete the college application process, and wait for the scholarship application process to open in November 2009.

Contact information for the positive thinking Norman Vincent Peale scholarship.

Teresa Gunderson
Director of Financial Services
Northwestern College
101 7th St. SW
Orange City, IA

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  3. Esther Margarete says:

    I have a Bachelor’sdegree in Theology from Bangalore.India. I have applied for Masters degree in Theological and Historical studies inOral Roberts University. My application will be kept for spring semester I need to prodice financial guarantee of 25,000 Us dollars. Will you please help me to get a scholarship to do my master’s program. My calling is to work among drug addicts,alcoholics and those who are in the streets. I wanted to work among these people after completing my masters studies. Will you please help me to get a scholarship. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Esther Margaete.

  4. admin says:


    Read this to see if it will help you since you are located in India.
    (GSLC) Global Student Loan Corporation

    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants

    Rhodes Scholarship

    VLIR scholarship

    Also go to Fulbright Scholarship to read more that may help you.

  5. Natasha says:

    Hello, I have a few questions.
    -Is this scholarship annual? If so, when is the dead line?
    -Can I apply for this even though I am an American citizen and live in Canada? (I am also a citizen of Canada)

    Thank you very much,

    God Bless!

  6. admin says:


    direct all your questions to:

    Teresa Gunderson
    Director of Financial Services
    Northwestern College
    101 7th St. SW
    Orange City, IA

    I would email Teresa Gunderson with your questions. Also go to http://www.nwciowa.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/peale to read more first.

  7. Lynda Cooke says:


    I am an adult student on the Highest Honors Dean’s list at Colorado Christian University, completing 18 credit hours per semester towards a BA in psychology with hopes of attending graduate school to earn a masters in counseling. In 2010, as an extended unit intern, I successfully completed 2 units of Clinical Pastoral Education at the local hospital; and I continued working as a volunteer chaplain until becoming a full time student. Concurrently, with my studies at Colorado Christian University, I am in Stephen Ministry training to learn parish ministry, and I manage the Lay Eucharistic Ministry program at our church, my responsiblities are to care for our parishioners who have been hospitalized or are in care centers. This, as with my hospital work, is all volunteer.

    My volunteerism helps those who I serve, but it does not help me pay for my education that is required to move forward. I seem to run into dead ends looking for scholarships; as most are denominational. I am a conservative 1928 BCP classical Anglican and my church recently separated from the Episcopal church due to theological differences. I can not find any Classical Anglican specific scholarships, I recently asked my church only to find out there are none available through them.

    I have been offered unsubsidized student loans, however, I really do not foresee my calling as the type of work that will pay a salary in order to pay back the loans. I find myself looking for a way to do the work God has called me to do AND pay for my education, which seems like a monumental task.

    I have been married for over 30 years, I have one 18 year old child, and all three of us are currently in college. My husband makes too much money for assistance for any of us, but with all of our college costs, we barely scrape by. I have applied for jobs that offer tuition reimbursement, and was told that with the economy being as it is, they receive thousands of applications for one position; to just keep trying.

    I would appreciate guidance and also prayers for God’s direction on this.

    Thank you,
    In Christ,

  8. admin says:


    go to unknown scholarships – which gives student aid ideas. Read about Episcopal Scholarships for Christians which may not help but which may give direction. View this list of scholarships which you may find a few to apply which may be a good fit. Read about the many scholarships and grants available. Look into Community service scholarships and club scholarships. Unknown volunteer scholarships exist too and are worth looking into based on what you mentioned.

  9. Pastor Emmanuel Nyamekye Essandoh says:

    By the grace of God i have been accepted at Prairie Bible Institute to do four years course.Bachelor of Arts in Ministry-Pastoral Program beginning from the Fall Semester in 2012.Mr Hasan Aziz is my admissions counselor.I will be given my acceptance letter and the necessary documents to apply for a student visa to Canada as soon as i can deposit at least $12,000 (CAN) into my student account at Prairie.I am a Ghanaian and the Senior Pastor of World Conquest For Christ Mission in Ghana.
    I am pleading and appealing to your good organization to please help me by giving me scholarship to pay some of my first year fees as soon as possible.Thank you.

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