Hawaiian Scholarships for Christian Students

The Kaneta Foundation desires to enrich the communities in their area by awarding Hawaiian scholarships for Christian students to deserving Hawaiian students, supporting community-based programs that improve the lives of children, and assisting the homeless. They believe there are 3 stages in a person’s life. The 1st stage involves getting an education, the 2nd stage involves making a living, and the 3rd involves giving back to the community what you received from it. They are an organization with a loving heart that cares deeply about making a difference.

The mission of Kaneta Foundation is to support children, youth, and family ministries that foster the spiritual welfare of our community by sharing hope to those in need.

The Kaneta Foundation believes in helping Christian youth obtain the education they desire at any accredited college or university in Hawaii or the United States. Kaneta Foundation Hawaiian Scholarships are for Christian high school students in Hawaii who desire to further their education academically or vocationally. Their additional funding priorities are:

*Human Service Agencies that actively seek & develop innovative solutions to social and economic challenges
*Faith-based communities and their members
*Helping youth gain confidence by improving their self-esteem and giving them the tools to become contributing members to society

Kaneta Foundation Hawaii Scholarships for Christian students are administered by the Hawaii Community Foundation, whose motto is connecting those who want to make a difference with those who are benefiting from their generosity, which they believe results in a virtuous cycle of giving back.

The Hawaii Community Foundation has awarded more than 21,300 Hawaiian scholarships, worth 26.6 million dollars, in the past 15 years. The Hawaii Community Foundation has 150 plus various Hawaii scholarship programs. These were all created by private individuals, businesses & organizations who donated freely towards these Christian scholarship funds to assist Hawaii residents in obtaining a college education.

Kaneta Foundation Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
$3000 Kaneta Foundation Scholarships for Hawaiian students are available to college freshman and are renewable for 3 additional years as long as the student continues to meet the eligibility requirements.

Requirements for college freshmen
*recommendation letter from student’s pastor or church leader
*recommendation letter from teacher or counselor
*typed personal profile of student (to include information concerning the student’s family life, community service history, extracurricular activities in high school, and an additional paper detailing how the student overcame some type of adversity in their life)
*typed letter demonstrating financial need
*SAT/ACT scores
*cumulative GPA from high school

Requirements for renewal of Kaneta Scholarship
*must be an active, full-time college student carrying at least 12 credit hours per semester
*must have maintained a 3.0 GPA since becoming a college student
*typed personal profile of student (to include information regarding student’s life as a college student, student’s accomplishments since becoming a college student, and any challenges the student faced and overcame since becoming a college student).

Statistics of Kaneta Foundation Hawaii Scholarship
*Average GPA of students awarded scholarships is 3.70
*Average SAT score of students awarded scholarships is 1669
*93 Kaneta Foundation Hawaii scholarships, valued at $283,000, were awarded in 2008 – (41) Freshman, (30) Sophomores & (22) Juniors.

Note: most students who were denied Kaneta Foundation Hawaiian scholarships failed to turn in the required recommendation letters and/or their SAT/ACT scores. Please check your package to make sure you include all of the required materials.

For questions on applying for the Kaneta Foundation Hawaiian scholarships for Christian college students please email at scholarships@hcf-hawaii.org or call the Kaneta Scholarships staff at 808-566-5570.

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    Can I apply from Liberia, West Africa as a christian Youth leader?

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    you may want to contact them directly on this but I can’t see them denying you from applying. Have you looked into bursaries from your government? They are best place to start.

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