College of the Ozarks Christian Scholarships

College of the Ozarks scholarships

College of the Ozarks Christian Scholarships

College of the Ozarks Christian scholarships have a different type of Christian scholarships; at least this is what it appears to be.  If you come from a strong work ethic then these are just that.

College of the Ozarks is sometimes referred to as Hard Work U, due to the fact that students do not pay tuition to attend this college, but instead pay for their education through a simplified work program. Located in Missouri, this Christian college has a stated goal of openly discouraging student debt.

In order to pay their way through college, each student enrolled at College of the Ozarks works 15 hours per week. As a result, they are able to graduate without debt. Applicants who are in financial need are favored by the college. The school offers a number of popular majors, including criminal justice, business and education/teaching.  Christian scholarships couldn’t get any better these.

As part of the work program, each student taking at least 12 hours will work at an assigned campus work station. The work education program at College of the Ozarks is designed to involve students in one of more than eighty different work areas.

Combined with grants and scholarships, students taking advantage of the work scholarship here will be able to have the entire cost of their education covered. As a result, many families find College of the Ozarks to be highly affordable.

In addition, students gain valuable on-the-job experience that provides them with a tremendous competitive edge when beginning their after college career. Possible assigned campus work stations might include Ralph Foster Museum, the Child Development Center, the Computer Center, McDonald Clinic or many other options. Students are also able to earn supplemental income through part-time employment with numerous different employers in the nearby cities of Branson and Hollister.

The guaranteed scholarship work program for Christain students at College of the Ozarks pays for the cost of each student’s education and makes college affordable for students who might not otherwise be able to fund the cost of a higher education.

Other students are able to attain freedom from the burden of having to pay back large debts after graduating from college. Along with the 15 hours scheduled weekly through the work program, students also work two 40-hour weeks each year. These weeks are selected from times classes are not regularly in session.

While the automatic Christain scholarship program at the college is based upon financial need, students can also have their room and board at College of the Ozarks covered by working 6 weeks per term during their summer breaks. Through a combination of grants and scholarships, the work scholarship can cover the entire cost of a college education at College of the Ozarks.

College of the Ozarks was originally established by James Forsythe, a Presbyterian missionary who was assigned to Missouri in 1905. Upon arrival, Forsythe saw a desperate need for education among the young people in the region. It was his goal to establish a school where students could gain a quality, Christian education in exchange for work that would assist in the operation of the school. The following year, The School of the Ozarks was established for both genders, particularly for those students with a desire to learn, but without financial resources to attain an education.

While the original purpose of the school was to serve as a high school, a junior college was added to the existing four-year high school program in 1956. In 1964, that program was expanded to a four-year liberal arts program. The College of the Ozarks has been ranked as one of the “Top Baccalaureate Colleges in the Midwest” and has also been named by U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Best Buys.” It has also been listed as a “Best Buy” by The Princeton Review, Forbes and Barron’s Guide and Money Magazine.

College of the Ozarks offers degrees in more than forty academic areas. Academic enrollment at the college is currently at approximately 1,400 students. Along with the guaranteed scholarship to cover the cost of education at College of the Ozarks, other Christian scholarships are also available to assist with other expenses.

The W. Hyer Book Scholarship is a $200 per semester scholarship available to assist with the cost of books. In addition, there are 48 athletic scholarships available at the college each year.

The General Terrence R. Dake, USMC (Ret.) Aviation Scholarship provides$2,500 for students at College of the Ozarks to begin or advance their aviation flight training.

Alumni scholarships, including cash scholarships and room and board scholarships, are also available to students applying to or enrolled in College of the Ozarks to assist with any expenses not covered by the guaranteed scholarship. Read more about the College of the Ozarks Christian scholarships.

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    Hello mam?sir, its me MANISH ADHIKARI from nepal.I am a christian .I have completed 4 year BBA with 3.67 GPA this year and i want to joun MBA in your college .So i want to know that is there jan/feb 2015 intake available for mba and can i get scholership on the basis of christianity and or on the basis of my gpa score? I have done IELTS exam too.Or what extra documents are needed for me to apply for the scholorship? SO please inform me about it .THANK YOU.

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