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  1. wani says:

    am Wani i lost both of my parents in Uganda am currently leaving with my aunt and she faces aprobl;em of geting money and we are many in secondary three .

  2. admin says:


    Read this to see if it will help you since you are located in Uganda.
    (GSLC) Global Student Loan Corporation

    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants

    Rhodes Scholarship

    VLIR scholarship

    Also go to Fulbright Scholarship to read more that may help you.

  3. misahun says:

    have you charge free schoolarship for Ethiopian students,
    who are members of baptist church?

  4. admin says:


    apply to any Christian scholarship where you fit the criteria. You never know unless you try!

  5. Very interesting thoughts and insight, thanks for sharing

  6. Shawna Caramella says:

    Thx for information.

  7. tlouverture@hotmail.com says:

    Please can pick up the says of father Altidor

  8. admin says:


    you’re welcome!

  9. Rev. Ezekiel N. Douglas says:

    I am a Liberian living in Liberia, i am the founder and CEO of Douglas World Evangelistic Ministries, Inc in Liberia. I am writing to find out as to if this organization give out scholarships to children in Liberia.
    Rev. Ezekiel N. Douglas

  10. admin says:


    We do not offer bursaries directly. We write about where you can apply to them and who are the sponsors.Have you looked into college bursaries? If not you should. Also go to Canadian bursaries to read more. Canada is very friendly to other country students in terms of financial aid. They have great bursary programs for them. Look into the government bursary programs their.

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