Christian Scholarships are Unknown Scholarships for College

Christian scholarships are mostly unknown scholarships and are for those who belong to some type of religious church or affiliation. Below, is a list of Christian school scholarships which are more mainstream, but still mostly unknown scholarships for Christians nevertheless. Even if you’ve been a member of a church for many years, you may never heard of these Christian college scholarships. It’s only when you are looking for a Christian scholarship you learn about them. Otherwise there just an undiscovered scholarship.

List of Unknown Christian Scholarships for College
Kaneta Foundation Scholarships
Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships
The Knights of Columbus Scholarships
The Disciples Home Missions
International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons Student Ministry Scholarships
Mount Vernon Nazarene University Christian Scholarships
Race Relations Multiracial Student Scholarship
UCC Christian Scholarships for College

Episcopal Scholarships
The Episcopal Church places a high value on helping its members obtain college educations. Episcopalians are strong believers in community service and helping the needy. They believe it is their Christian duty to help their members through college and they expect these same members to return one day and help others less fortunate make their way to college as well. There are many Episcopal scholarships available, although many of the larger churches sponsor their own programs. If you are a member of a large Episcopal church, you may want to check with them to see what scholarships they have available.

List of Christian Scholarships for Episcopalians
Episcopal Church Foundation Fellowship Program
Estelle Beaumont Ellison Scholarship Fund
Diocesan Scholarships
Episcopal Churchwomen’s Scholarship Fund

Lutheran Scholarships
The Lutheran church is committed to helping its members go to college and it regularly provides both local and national scholarships and grants. The Lutheran church has long been known for focusing on community service and helping those in need. There are quite a few Lutheran scholarships available to Lutheran church members. Many of them are specific and require that the applicants live in certain areas.

List of Christian Scholarships for Lutherans
The Saint Paul Lutheran Scholarship
Lutheran Community Foundation Scholarships
Scholarships for Lutheran Women
Lutherans Leaders Scholarships
Ministerial Grants
Lutheran Leadership Scholarship
The Henry J. & Pauline M. Armstrong Scholarship

Catholic Scholarships
Catholicism is the most established branch of Christianity and constitutes the teachings of the world’s largest church. Although the head of the Catholic church, the Pope, resides at the Vatican in Rome, there are millions of Catholics residing right here in the United States, as well as in other countries.

List of Christian Scholarships for Catholics
Catholic Aid Association College Tuition Scholarship
Catholic Aid Association Post-High School Tuition Scholarship
Jesuit Endowment Fund
Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship
Archdiocesan Scholarship
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Seminarian College Scholarship
Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Pro Deo & Pro Patria Scholarships
Catholic High School Scholarships (contact the Catholic high school directly)

Baptist Scholarships
The Baptist World Alliance was formed in 1905 by more than 3000 Baptists from around the world. Today, the Alliance boasts a membership of over 37 million Baptist believers with a community of over 105 million. The American Baptist Financial Aid Program awards various scholarships and grants to eligible college students, graduate students, and seminarians. The American Baptist Financial Aid Program is administered by National Ministries, an organization that has been spreading the love of God across the United States by sharing God’s word, building churches, and ministering to those in need since 1832. National Ministries provide many educational opportunities for American Baptists through the American Baptist Financial Aid Program. They are well known for their steadfast support of students, seminarians, and ministerial leaders through the use of grants and scholarships.

List of Christian Scholarships for Baptist
American Baptist Churches USA
WMU Foundation Scholarships
Ellen Cushing Scholarship
American Baptist Youth Scholarships
Cage Family Scholarship Fund
Seminarian Support Programs

Methodist Scholarships
If you are an active member of a Methodist church, you may qualify for a Methodist scholarship. Tuition assistance and financial aid is frequently offered to members in good standing to reward them for supporting their church.

List of Christian Scholarships for Methodist
William Heath Education Scholarships for Ministers, Priests, and Missionaries
The Mary Knox McNeill Scholarship
Foundation Scholars Program
Gift of Hope: 21st Century Scholars
United Methodist Higher Education Foundation
The United Methodist Scholarship Programs
Nebraska United Methodist Foundation

Presbyterian Scholarships
Many Presbyterian scholarships are supported by wealthy Presbyterian families within the church who wish to give Presbyterian youth the opportunity for a higher education or to help prepare Presbyterian youth for a specific field of study

List of Christian Scholarships for Presbyterians
Presbyterian Church USA Servant Leadership Scholarships
National Presbyterian College Scholars
Baell Scholarships
Children of Missionaries Scholarships
Synodne of the Northeast
Paul & Betty Honzik Scholarship

Protestant Scholarships for College
Protestantism is a movement within Christianity that originated in the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation. It is considered to be one of the principal traditions within Christianity. Many Protestant scholarships come from private donors and organizations who pledge their support of Protestantism education. The individual Protestant churches provide scholarships for college.

A List of Scholarships for Protestants
National Huguenot Society Scholarships
Pearl H. Falk Scholarship
Juliette M. Atherton Scholarship-Seminary Studies Estate of Helen Jones
Elmer & Nellie Dixon Scholarship Fund
Donald & Dorothy F. Axtell Grant Scholarship

A list of unknown Christian scholarships for college will be regularly updated and added to, as our scholarship researchers find them and feel they are worth posting. You can go to find me a Christian Scholarship for the latest.

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  10. Dear brother in the lord i greet you in the name of JESUS CHRIST.I ‘m a member of mecedonia baptist church in the area of nkongsamba, a church with 45 members .My preoccupation is about the scolarship , i need help to further my training in nursing and iç don’t know how to do pleade help me .

  11. I greet you in the name of our lord JESUS CHRIST.I did not completed my higth school education, all these due to the financial problrems .i’m a membr of mecedonia baptist church melong 2 ,in the area of nkongsamba C B C, please i need your support and help to further my education in G0D’s mission, thanK.

  12. admin says:


    read about student bursaries.

  13. Guruge Shiromi Ann Fernando says:

    I m from Sri Lanka My father is a Pastor at Assembly Of God Church here in Sri Lanka we serve God in a small village called Mawathagama.I did my higher studies here in Sri Lanka and I did Diploma in teaching and Diploma in Management at American College of higher Education in Sri Lanka I finished it. Now i want to study more about bible and God in a Bible College.But i or my father doesn’t have good finance we are living and serving God with more difficulties.So If you can please help me to to enter to a Bible college.God Bless you.

  14. admin says:


    look into your government bursaries, or other government bursaries if you go to school in Canada (Canadian Bursaries).

  15. Meskerem Moges says:

    I am a christian & member of one of the lutheran church in Hawassa southern part of Ethiopia.I have graduated from hawassa university in 2011 in department of civil engineering & i want to up grade my knowledge so i can help my country with the help of God. stay Blessed.

  16. admin says:


    read about South African bursaries for your area.

  17. refluks says:

    Hello. This site was very interesting.

  18. joseph seremba says:

    am from uganda and am asking for help from u so that i can constract an ophanage school in a village known as taking care of 5ophans.thank u

  19. admin says:


    read about educational bursaries and the Oprah Winfrey scholarships. Oprah will help you if you keep asking her. Send your question via her website!

  20. Naomi mbugua says:

    Hi!we are four orphans living in kenya and we desperately need help to be able to complete our studies.
    we are seeking for wellwishers who are willing to sponsor us,to further our education and achieve our goals.If you are willing to assist us please contact us through the email; in advance and God bless you as you run to our resque.

  21. Naomi mbugua says:

    Thanks for your good work.

  22. Jane wanja kamau says:

    A’m from kenya and running an orphanage,which deals with HIV/AIDS victims.We also have a computer college to educate the villagers.A’m seeking for donors, to assist us because together we can make a difference in these kids life and bring a greater change to the community.We are located at Gilgil in Deremare farm.

  23. samuel okwir says:

    Hi brothers in christ! Jesus is Lord, i am SAMUEL, in Uganda, jesus is my Lord and savior.
    I am finishing dipolma in ministry at African Renewal Christian Collage, and i have struggle for fund for it but i need any one’s help for my degree. And may the good Lord Jesus Christ bless

  24. admin says:


    read about bursaries for your country.

  25. admin says:


    red about what are bursaries.

  26. admin says:

    consider African bursaries through your government.

  27. henok tesfaye says:

    it is a good program

  28. naeem younas says:

    I completed B.Com from Allama Iqbal Open University.I Got Different Computer Diplomas. I Got IELTS 5.0 Bands. I am teaching in poor people for free of cost for development of Christianity in Pakistan. But Now I want to Summary for spreading of word of God

  29. admin says:


    you must apply for student aid to see if you can get it. Apply to as many as you can. Talk to your government about their bursary programs.

  30. Greetings in Jesus name. I’m from Burundi but right now I’m in Kenya where I am finishing my second year (diploma) at NPBC: Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College. I’d like to continue with my studies but I’m financially limited. my family and I are survivors of 93 to 2000 internal war (tribalism)
    that had left us with almost nothing. I am interested in leadership and in apologetic field. I want really to help my country raise to higher heights both spiritually and socially. God bless you.

  31. admin says:


    look into South African bursaries. Make sure you apply to your own government sponsored bursary programs. Look into Canadian bursaries too.

  32. Iam very happy in your vission and mission may God bless you!!Iam serving inone of evanglical churhesin westran ethiopia ,Iam full time minsters and Iam coordinatning westran ethiopian keleheywetechurches ,In my area we have nosufficent numbers of eduated leaders and fulltime minsters,Iam intersting to serve this peoples.If i will get achance to capacetate my selfe to serve this peoples.I am kindly asking to give the scholaeship chance ,I will be studychristan leadership or theolgical study in mBAor MTH.
    yoursin Christ Temesgen

  33. admin says:


    I would look into South African Bursaries for your country of which you live – your own government bursaries, and apply to those. Then, apply to all those scholarship/bursary/student aid programs where you fit the criteria for it.

  34. joab luvuva says:

    i am a student at St. Paul’s university taking bachelors of Divinity. i have had a struggle in paying my fees expenses and so it is my plea to any one who can assist me complete my studies at St. Paul’s university Limuru Kenya. The government does not offer bursaries for parallel or programmes

  35. Teresa Ashby says:

    Thank you for all the information here. The school I am attending does not have a financial aid program. When I try to apply for any s holes hips or even loans because the school cannot be found in their database it will not allow me to go forward. I am frustrated! Is there any way forlme to apply?

  36. admin says:


    read about no cosigner student loans which may help. These are government loans and anyone can apply for them.

  37. Jane Wanja Kamau says:

    Thank you for all the information. Please what I would like to know is if I’m going to apply for the loan with Kenyan government or the United States government, because I’m currently based in Kenya. God bless.

  38. admin says:


    apply directly to the scholarship sponsor for any scholarship. If you are living in Kenya then apply to your government for their student aid programs to help in finding programs that they only have. You may want to look into your student bursaries for your country.

  39. ssaka dan says:

    am dan from uganda am a christian but orphan my parents passed away am helpless i completed A level ready to go to university but lacks tuttion help me in Gods name to get a sponsor to help me amen.

  40. admin says:

    ssaka dan,

    read about African bursaries for your area. Especially your own government bursary programs.

  41. jojo says:

    Hi I am from Mongolia. I want to study in short term a bible training with scholarship. How can i find information about that kind of scholarship?

  42. admin says:


    Look into bursaries from your government.

  43. HaPham says:

    I’m American resident, my Dad is a Pastor of a Vietnamese church . I’m a freshman so I don’t have GPA, and my transcript is foreign.. My family can’t stand my college fees..Is there any scholarship fit me? I can’t find one.

  44. admin says:


    go to which talks about situations like yours, which hopefully may help you.

  45. bharatprasadsubedi says:

    i am born and brought up from the hindu orthodox bramin family,but having said, i left all my family n relative and i am praying for theology journey,,,please i needs financial helps of yours all…….

  46. admin says:


    I would look into your own government bursaries programs because they are easiest to get!

  47. Fikremariam says:

    First and foremost I would like to greet you in the profound name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    My name is Memher Fikremariam Bazezew. I am an Ethiopian Orthodox clergy. I have graduated from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Holy Trinity Theological College with Bachelor Degree in Theology (BTh) on June 2011 with a cumulative GPA of 3.71 and also I have completed M.Th. in 2014 with a cumulative GPA of 3.71. I have also passed through the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Traditional Schools. I have learnt Qene (Geez), Old Testament as well as New Testament Commentary from those traditional schools and received certificates from their respective school.
    Currently, I am serving the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as a preacher as well as a New Testament Commentary Teacher in different parish churches and Sunday Schools. I am also preaching in different dioceses as well.
    I have published five spiritual books that help the faithful to understand the mystery of the Holy Bible in brief and know about their faith in depth. . So if in case you do have scholarship, could you please provide me with the necessary information.
    Warmest regards

  48. admin says:


    apply to any scholarship you feel you have a chance at winning. Have you considered bursaries? They are easy to aply to and easier to get. Try your government bursary programs and also Canada bursaries; which are favorable to out of country applicants.

  49. Hailu alemu Gebreyes says:

    I need scholarship to upgrade my Biblical knowledge. I want to serve as Evangelist. please grant me.

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