Cornerstone College Christian Scholarships Grants and Student Aid

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Cornerstone College Christian Scholarships Grants

Why should you consider Cornerstone University as your university of choice over all the others in Michigan?

Well, Cornerstone University does offer not only some of the most competitive courses in the region, but they also have a very good financial support system for their students with numerous scholarships and grants to offer.

Cornerstone is also a university that has God in the forefront of everything they do. This Christian academy is one of the few that do still have their priorities like this.

This university offers you the chance to learn and discover how good you are; at the same time strengthening your talents.

The community around which the institution has been built is also one of the main reasons why it is one of the best places for you to be. You do not only get to learn courses that will ensure you have a good career, but you will also be able to become a wholesome individual, full of purpose in life with Christian values to last a lifetime.

Cornerstone University Scholarships Grants

There are different Christian scholarships that are offered at Cornerstone University, each of which has different requirements and award values. The funds are also available for different categories of students. Funding is available for freshman students and transfer students too.

The freshman academic scholarship offers yearly awards from $6,000 to $12,000 to the students, while the Transfer academic award scholarship offers you from $5,500 to $8,500.

Brand New Cornerstone Scholarships for Christian Students

The Pastor’s scholarship program for 2014-2015 has already been released, and it is a student scholarship program that is nomination based. This is usually based on the influence of the pastors and youth pastors and on their evaluation of the students that are coming into the school. Most of the students who will be able to benefit from this have to demonstrate a sense of spiritual maturity. This is owing to the fact that the institution is built around a community that is spiritually guided.

The students also have to demonstrate that they are able to contribute to the environment in Cornerstone as active members who are useful to society. The spiritual nature of the environment at Cornerstone is “contagious” and only those students that can blend in with such a system will be able to get these loans.

The Global scholarship program is also another Christian scholarship plan that has been designed for students, especially the missionary kids. It is available not only for new students, but also for transfer students as long as they can meet the eligibility criteria. As is the case with the pastor’s scholarship program, this one is also at the discretion of the mission organization leaders. The family of the students who are eligible for this scholarship will have to be active members of a ministry outside the US.

The students must also demonstrate their passion for the spiritual nature of the school, including a desire to be influence-rs in the world for Christ. Participation in the church community is also another thing that determines whether or not you will be eligible for this Christian scholarship. Only those who have demonstrated active participation both within the church and in the community will have a higher chance of being awarded the scholarship.

There are additional scholarship opportunities that are available for students, like the International Student Grant, which offers a maximum of $3000 to the students. These are usually meant for those students who require financial aid, but for one reason or the other they are not able to get financial assistance from the other federal programs that are available for students.

The university also offers athletic scholarships for those who participate in sports and do excel in the same. You can always consult your coach for more information on this scholarship.

The multicultural scholarship is offered to students who are part of a minority group though they do meet some of the set institutional requirements.

Cornerstone University also offers musical scholarships to students, though you have to audition for such. More information is usually available at the Fine Arts Division, and it is also available for those who are not music majors.

Cornerstone University has gone a long way in providing quality education for students, and they are also doing the same with regard to making sure that students do not get locked out of school for financial reasons with their outstanding Christian scholarship programs.

Start looking into Cornerstone scholarships today!

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    how can I apply for The Global scholarship program or International Student Grant

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    go to: Global scholarship program. The Grant program may be specific to Cornerstone; but you may call them direct to find out for sure.

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