Christian Scholarships for for College


Christian Scholarships for for College

Christian scholarships for college to pay for a Christian education are offered from many entities. It is a wonderful way to bring your faith into the equation. The cost of a quality education continues to increase. By being able to find such resources to help you pay for college you can ensure you get to the training and learning environment that is right for you. Where you go to college and the curriculum will influence your future. Here are some of those Christian college scholarships that you may find you are eligible for.

The Ed E. and Gladys Hurley Foundation Scholarship offers 100 to 150 scholarships annually. Each of them is worth $1,000. Students are selected from all 50 states that are going to major in Theology. Applicants have to turn in a written essay that show they are serious about their educational goals, explain what their purpose is for going to college, and to show that there is the potential for growth both emotionally and spiritually.To be eligible for this particular Christian scholarship all applicants need a GPA of 2.75 or higher. Applications are accepted from January 1st through March 30th to be considered. Some applicants will be contacted for interviews that will take place either in person or over the phone as a next step.

One of the Christian Scholarships for college that you may be eligible for is the International Order of the Kings Daughters and Sons Study Ministry Scholarship. The amounts range from $500 to $1,000. They award from 30 to 35 scholarships annually. Applicants need to be majoring in Theology. Students also have to be between the ages of 19 and 25. Applications for this Christian Scholarship are taken from February 1st through April 30th.

The Mary Hill Davis Ethnic/Minority Student Scholarship Program may be one that you are qualified for. It is designed to help those that belong to a minority ethnic group to have funds for school. Applicants must be going to college for a bachelors program in the state of Texas. It can be renewed for up to 8 consecutive summers, not including summer sessions.Full time students can receive $800 per semester. Part time students can receive up to $400 per semester. UP to 15 Christainity scholarships will be offered annually. Applications are taken from the beginning of January through April 15th. Those that have been approved for the scholarship will be notified by May 15th.

Champions for Christ offers Christian student aid. They offer 20 to 25 scholarships annually. The amounts are $1,000 each, and they can be renewed for a period of 4 years as long as the student remains a full time student and maintains a GPA of 2.75 or higher. Applications are taken from February 1st through May1st.

One of the Christian college scholarships that is only offered for women is the Diamonds in the Rough Ministry International Scholarship. Applications are taken from January 1st through April 20th each year. They award 10 Christian scholarships annually that are worth $5,000 each. This can be renewed for a period of up to four years as long as the student continues to do well in their studies. All applications have to be seniors in high school that will enroll in a four year college upon graduation. GPA requirements are 2.75 and students must show examples of community service they have been involved in. A letter of recommendation from a minister is also required.

Any of these types of Christian scholarships for college could be ones you are eligible for. Your faith is a big part of your life, and so is your education. By combining the two of them you won’t have to be stressed about how to complete your education. You can also avoid owing a large amount of money for student loans when you graduate. College can be expensive but the cost shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your dreams, Your Christian religion can also be part of that educational experience for you with a few good Chritianity scholarships for Christian studies.

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  1. first of all i introduce-my self my name is deacon merkebu bishaw i graduate from holly trinity theological college addis ababa. so i need more learn and i want a scholarship chance.
    thank you
    in Christ your brother
    dn. merkebu bishaw

  2. admin says:


    you can apply to any scholarship we write about by going directly to the sponsor’s website.

  3. bereket megersa says:

    please i need to study bible in Christan college in scholarship

  4. admin says:


    read our website and start applying to those scholarships you feel will be a good fit for you.

  5. rajkumar says:

    I am Christianity from Nepal.i intermediate from Nepal’s private college and i want to do graduate but,due to so much financial problem i am unable to admit in college.It is really true and i had experience also that Every little bit of money helps when college bills are postmarked to our address.
    so,i kindly request you in the name of Jesus please provide me scholarship for graduate.
    thank you.

  6. Sherrie says:

    I am looking for scholarships that are non denominational. Please let me know if there are any. The ones on here seem to be pretty specific. Thanks.

  7. admin says:


    The Roothbert Fund, Herman Oscar Schumacher Scholarship, Starr Foundation and the UNCF Research Scholarships are worth looking into as being the larger ones.

  8. admin says:


    read about African bursaries.

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